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Karen can create a custom article that will be posted on WanderousKaren.com. Articles will include high resoultion photos and links to your websites and/or products you wish to be promoted. Your brand must align with Wanderous Karen’s personal brand and her audience. Sponsored content will also include a cross-promotion on Wanderous Karen’s social media platforms.

Blog Consulting

Ever wanted to learn how to be a professional blogger but you don’t know where to start? Karen can help you find you a social media presence, create an overall blogging strategy, and teach you how to land brand partnerships. Contact Karen to learn more about prices and to get started on your blogging adventure.

Freelance photography

Looking for a photographer? Karen can offer services including special event coverage, headshots, and even a personal photoshoot around NYC. Email Karen to discuss details, prices, and packages. 


Press Trips

Karen partners with tourism boards, travel companies, and hospitality brands around the world to showcase the most beautiful destinations around the world. Want Karen to promote your city or country with her unique voice? Contact Karen to find out how she can help spread the word about your city or country!


Karen will partner with your brand or restaurant by hosting special giveaways such as meals, services, and products. Content and giveaway must align with the Wanderous Karen brand and audience interests. Contact Karen to discuss your giveaway idea.

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